Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books which we highly recommend for parents of older adopted children.  The authors of this blog have not found well written, biblically sound books which deal specifically with older adopted children.  Therefore, we recommend the following books, each of which contain material which can be sifted through and used with the specific issues older adopted children can bring into a family relationship:

_Heart of Anger_, by Lou Priolo; (See review in the archives of this blog)  This is the book we most highly recommend for all parents of older adopted children.  Written from a strong biblical perspective, this book first instructs parents to “take the log out of their own eye before taking the speck out” of their children’s eye.  Contains many useful journal formats, with permission to copy.  Caveat – it will be difficult to use the journals and some of the principles from this book if your child is not familiar with the English language yet.  However, it remains an excellent book for parents to read under any circumstances.

_Getting a Grip_, The Heart of Anger Handbook for Teens, By Lou Priolo; A very good book for all teens to read.  This book does not go along exactly, chapter by chapter with _The Heart of Anger_, but Mr. Priolo does a very good job of addressing the teen and his/her thoughts and actions.  This book would be a difficult read for a teen who had recently learned English. It is also written specifically to Christian teens, with an article in the appendix geared towards helping teens understand what it means to be a Christian.  As a parent, I found this an insightful book to read as I tried to help my own angry teens work through their anger.

_Blame it on the Brain_, by Ed Welch;  Written from a biblical counseling perspective, this book “views brain problems through the lens of scripture.”  It deals with subjects such as depression, attention deficit disorder, alcoholism, and homosexuality.  Although not specifically mentioned, the principles can also be used in dealing with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects.

_Age of Opportunity_, by Paul David Tripp; Although written from a public school perspective (we highly recommend homeschooling older adopted children), this book has valuable information that can be helpful for parents as they approach the teen years with their children.

_Shepherding a Child’s Heart_, by Tedd Tripp; This book is not specifically written for parents of older children.  Rather, it shares solid biblical principles concerning how to speak to the heart of your child.

_When Good Kids Make Bad Choices_, by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jim Newheiser, with Dr. Laura Hendrickson; For the heartbroken parent, this book shows from a biblical perspective how they are commanded to be faithful parents, even when a child makes seemingly disastrous decisions.

_Strengthening Your Marriage_, by Wayne Mack; A strong marital relationship is absolutely vital for couples considering adopting an older child.  If and when challenges come, the marriage relationship is also the first area which should be strengthened as the parents begin to deal with a difficult child.

_Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth_, by Patricia A. Miller and Keith Miller; An excellent resource for scriptures to be used in particular subject areas.  Great tool for parents of teens!

_Your Child’s Profession of Faith_, by Dennis Gundersen, helpful tool for parents to help them determine if their child’s profession of faith is genuine.

_Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands_, by Paul David Tripp, “People in need of change helping people in need of change,”  i.e., teaches parents (in need of change) to help their older adopted children (in need of change).

_The Peacemaker_, by Ken Sande, is “a biblical guide to resolving personal conflict.”  Older adopted children habitually “resolve” conflict by force or manipulation, so this is an excellent book to help them learn God’s ways in this area of their life.

_The Peacemaker, Student Edition_”, by Ken Sande, is a wonderful accompaniment to the above mentioned book.  It is geared towards kids in the teen years.

_Adopted for Life_, by Russell Moore, is an encouragement to Christians, and churches in particular, to serve through adoption ministries.

_Helping Your Adopted Child_, by Paul David Tripp, is a booklet (24 pages) written to adoptive parents, helping them understand who their adopted child may be and how they can best help them understand what it means to be adopted.

_Angry Children: Understanding and Helping Your Child Regain Control_, by Michael Emlet, is also actually a mini booklet (24 pages).  At the time of this writing, I have it on order and have not read it yet.  However, you may visit this site to read a synopsis of what sounds like at, and see many other great resources there, as well.

_Successful Christian Parenting_, by John MacArthur, subtitled, “Raising your child with care, compassion, and common sense”.  Need I say more?  Great resource!

These books, and many others which can be used in building godly family relationships, can be found at, on Amazon, or at Newgrowth Press (CCEF).




  2. Thanks for a great list of resources.

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