Posted by: connie | January 21, 2010

“Like the Air They Breathe” — The Online Life of Kids

Yesterday I read the article referenced in the link below. As I read, I was thinking in the context of currently raising our now 19 and 16 yr. old daughters (internationally adopted at 12.5 and 9) and how we have set, adjusted, and maintained rules and guidelines on media access and use since ‘day one’. And, I was faced with the reality of those guidelines now being ‘tested‘ as our oldest is away at college.

Today as I read Al Mohler’s thoughts/comments on the article I was reminded how difficult ‘media withdrawal’ was for our girls when we first brought them home–they were not at all used to restrictions on their media use and much of it’s impact remains with them to this day. Ever try to get an unpleasant song or a vile television image from years ago out of your head? Ever consider how excessive and in appropriate media impacts–even damages–brain wiring?

I’ll admit that it was challenging–no, exhausting–trying to redirect and retrain their desires and habits. Make no mistake, media is powerful–for both good and bad. That’s why the article/research, and now Mohler’s insights prompted me to post this–it is HARD work to reclaim and inform the minds of our older adopted children. The tension (and challenge) is exercising much compassion and understanding as we train them to use and enjoy media for God’s glory.

Take time to read this today, “Like the Air They Breathe” — The Online Life of Kids


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