Posted by: ramonamom | November 15, 2009

“Winner’s Choice” Drawing!

This week, we will be doing something a little different in recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month.  The past two weeks we have had drawings for specific books, but this week the winner will choose what book they would like to receive!!  To see the list of books to choose from, click on the Recommended Reading tab at the top of this page.  If there is a book which is not on this list that you would like, please list it and mention how you think it would be helpful for parents of an adopted child.  We are always looking for good resources, too!

To enter this drawing, leave a comment on this post saying which of these books you would choose if you won.  Those who have entered in the previous two weeks may enter again (although we respectfully ask the winners to refrain from entering).  This is your chance to get that book you have been wanting, but just have not found the time or money to purchase!



  1. I would choose “Successful Christian Parenting,” by John MacArthur,

  2. Adopted for Life by Russell Moore

  3. I would choose Successful Christian Parenting_, by John MacArthur

  4. Successful Christian Parenting by John MacArthur is the one I would choose.

  5. I would choose Blame It on the Brain by Ed Welch

  6. I’ve had numerous people recommend Adopted for Life, by Russell Moore, but haven’t come up with the cash to get it yet.

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