Posted by: ramonamom | November 2, 2009

God’s Amazing Grace

Trip to Michigan, Oct 09 058

I was recently talking to our oldest daughter, whom we adopted from Russia at the age of 14 years old (she is in the photo above with her own daughter, 1 1/2 years old), regarding the early years of her life in Siberia.  As I hope to someday write an inspirational book based upon her life, I was asking her questions regarding what a “typical” day would have been like for her and her two brothers, when they still lived at home with their birth parents.  None of the answers she gave me spoke of a loving mother.  In fact, it became more and more clear that their mother had severely neglected them on a daily basis.  I was already aware of this at some level, but as she spoke matter-of-factly about their lives and struggles, I was struck by her lack of bitterness towards an alcoholic mother who never did much of anything to take care of her children.

In response to my question of whether she had any anger towards their birth mother (she died on our daughter’s 9th birthday, when she and her brothers were in the orphanage), she replied, “No Mom, I don’t.  I used to be very angry with her, but when I became a believer at 16 I realized that there was nothing I could do about those times and that I should not be angry with her.  So, I have not been angry since then.”

Wow.  At the young age of 22, our daughter is, in many ways, wiser and more spiritually mature than I am.   As I watch her with their sweet daughter, I am also amazed at the mother’s love that comes so naturally to her, though she lacked a motherly example in her own young years.   Little did we know, when we gave our daughter the middle name of Grace in Russia, just how well God would illustrate His own amazing grace in her life throughout the coming years.  To GOD be the glory, great things HE has done!!



  1. May God continue to be glorified as He changes the hearts of orphans and former orphans!!!

  2. That is beautiful! I often wonder how our boys will feel in several years. The oldest one talked to Craig last week that just made you want to cry over the love and concern he had for his relatives. Your daughter really is demonstrating Grace!

  3. Ramona, she was showing motherly love and concern for her two younger brothers even before adoption. God has given her grace as He has given us our Grace in Jennifer .(And many other ways)

  4. How sweet! What a wonderful daughter you have, Ramona! Wish her all the best and I’m so glad the Lord has changed her in such an amazing manner! You have a beautiful granddaughter!

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