Posted by: ramonamom | July 21, 2009

Thank You, God, for Guacamole!

I never really liked green food much.  Green beans and broccoli are tolerable, but celery is among my least favorite things ever!  I also never enjoyed avocados, although I have recently developed a taste for guacamole on Rosie’s nachos.  Since our oldest son – the one whom we had to “kick out” in October of 2007 – has recently expressed an interest in repairing his family relationships, guacamole has become much more important in our house, though!  Why, you may ask?  Well, this son works at a local Mexican restaurant and he makes fresh guacamole every day!  When I found this out, I asked him to come and make some for us on his next day off.

I bought the ingredients, Grandma made nachos, and our son came and made us the best tasting guacamole we had ever had!!  It seemed to make him feel very special to be able to do something like that for us, too.  🙂

This past weekend, he sent some fresh guacamole and chips home with his brother, who lives at home.  Since we “fend for ourselves” for dinner on Sundays, I snuck into the kitchen, made some cheese nachos with the chips he had sent, then hurried into the sunroom with the pan of nachos and container of fresh guacamole.  After hanging our “Do Not Disturb” sign on the French doors, my husband and I dug into that yummy guacamole!!  It was absolutely delicious but the most wonderful part was that our son – the one who had made the guacamole – came to visit and “caught” Dad and I enjoying his gift to us like that.  🙂  His face glowed as I explained what we were doing and how much we enjoyed his guacamole.

I never would have thought that God would use a green veggie (OK, fruit for those who want to be technical!) based concoction to draw our son back to us.  I do love the simplicity of His Providence in this matter, though, and I look forward to seeing where our relationship with our son goes from here.


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