Posted by: ramonamom | July 5, 2009

God’s Examples for Parents of Young Adults

I think I probably write something every year about this time, regarding the examples for parents that God provides through birds.  I love watching them on our deck and each year I am reminded of God’s ways through these beautiful, yet simple, creatures.  Take this little guy for example.  He has spent all afternoon flapping his little wings as hard as he can when his parents are near, begging them to feed him.  Yet, all he had to do was look up and, wah lah, there was food!!  Granted, he was not quite sure how to GET it, but he is learning as we watch. 

I wonder if God watches me as I parent our young adults similarly.  Am I doing a good enough job of making them work and grow on their own?  Alas, I fear I am like the Mama Bird who continues to feed the flyin’, flappin’, hoppin’, and fully-able-to-fend-for-himself  little guy.  Maybe I will learn the lesson this year…or next…and do a better job of encouraging our own baby “birds” to learn how to “feed” themselves!



  1. Oh sister, you have spoken to the mama’s heart today….my oldest is about to spread his wings and fly out of the nest next month….I’m torn….happy and sad and worried and grateful….Our dependence is on the Father!

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