Posted by: ramonamom | November 27, 2008

GED Success!!

GED Success!!

Seven years after joining our family and coming to the US from Far Eastern Russia, at the young age of 12, Z has accomplished a milestone in his life!!  His GED certificate arrived in the mail yesterday  and we are so proud of him!  When Z joined our family, he had very little educational background.  He learned English quickly and did a good job on his schoolwork.  With so many classes looming before him, Z decided to work on studying for the GED rather than getting a high school diploma.  On the first attempt, he passed all of the sections except the Language/Writing, and he was only ten points shy of passing that one. 

Z was sidetracked at the age of 18 by a streak of independence.  He moved out of our home on very short notice, to live with some friends.  However, after having a car accident with no car insurance he began to see that Mom and Dad were a bit more wise than he had previously thought.  He moved back into our home this past August, got a different job, stopped seeing the group of friends who were negative influences on him, and he retook the section of the GED he had not passed previously.  He has been eagerly awaiting the results of that test so that he can begin looking for a better and full time job. 

Z is a wonderful example of an older adopted child who has come from a very difficult background and made the best of his new life.  There were times when we were very concerned about the direction in which he was going and we are thankful that God brought him humbly back into our fold.  His biological brother, adopted at the age of 13, remains apart from our family, having been “kicked out” shortly before Z moved out.  They represent two very different directions that older adopted children can go in, although theirs are certainly not the only two paths which can be chosen.



  1. Rejoicing with you!

  2. Congratulations! We are very excited for you and so happy that Z passed the GED! I’m sure he is very excited over it!

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