Posted by: ramonamom | October 15, 2008

Essay From the Heart

Below is an essay that our 19 year old son gave me to look over today.  He is practicing essay writing, as he will be taking the language and writing portion of his GED test over again next week.  Today, he came and told me, “Mom, I put the essay on your school desk.  I went over 200 words because I had a lot to say.”  I didn’t think much more about that comment until I began to read the essay and the tears began to flow.  This is a young man who has recently moved back in with us, after having moved out on his own during a fit of independence at the age of 18.  He made some mistakes, but came and admitted them to us and asked for our help.  We have seen huge changes in him, just in the last few weeks.  God seems to be working in his heart and we pray that it is His light we see shining from this dear son’s face these days.  I have left the essay as is, so readers may fully understand where this son “is”, seven years after coming to the US from Russia at the age of 12 years old.  You may notice that he lapses into IM language towards the end of the essay!  😉 

What were three major events in your life?

My three major events in life were my real mom and dad died when I was really young, second event I was sent to orphanage, and third event was I was adopted by American parents.

When I was like four years of age my dad committed suicide, back then I didn’t know much about death so it didn’t mean much to me at the time. At age six Russian government came to my school and took both my brother and my sister and me away from my mom, and I remember after the school was over we went out side to meet our mom but instead of her being there, there were couple of man waiting for us. I didn’t know who they were and what they wanted so I didn’t do anything other then going to meet my mom, because every day after school my mom and us would meet half way and she would take us home. But when those men saw us walk away they came and got us and were leading to there car, while they were doing that I looked back and saw my mom running towards us, somehow I broke loose from the mans grip and started running to my mom but the man was faster then me, he caught me and put me in his car. After that they drove us to our house where our mom meet us and ill never forget the look on her face when she came to the car and gave us muffin type things, when she came over to the car she was in tears and she was really sad because she knew what was going on but I had no clue what was happening, so we just took the muffins and I cant remember if we said good bye or not and that was the last time we saw her alive.

A year later when we were already in orphanage the director of the place call all three of us to her office and tells us that our mom had died and we were going to her funeral. At her funeral I still didn’t know what was going on so I didn’t cry or anything, I was sad but still didn’t have enough since to care I guess.

An orphanage life isn’t easy most of the time till you reach teen life then people don’t care about rules and what anyone says you do what you think its best for you and for no one else. By the age of eleven I was already smoking and drinking and even tried weed couple of times, was not the best starting life for me, because most people in orphanage that do those thing at early age don’t end up the having good life. At age of eleven I was told that someone was going to adopt us but I didn’t care about that at all. In soring time we were told again that some1 was adopting us this summer and told us to think really hard id we really wanted to be adopted or not, they told us a lot of stories about how Americans treat adopted kids. So when I hear that I didn’t wanted to be adopted because of that but Sergei and Jennifer did wanted to get adopted. During that summer were had to sign papers to agree that we wanted to get adopted, it took me the longest to sign them because I was still not sure I wanted to get adopted or not, but in the end I did sign them. At the and of summer our American parents came, and adopted us in late summer early fall,”i think thats the time we were adopted”.

Now I look back and it makes me sad even puts tears in my eyes that my parents died, but since I was adopted I’m thankful that everything turned out the way it did because I have a way better family here and a lot better future for me, because God use those wonderful people to fulfill his plan, even tho I don’t know what his plan is yet but I’m thankful that he brought Mom and dad in to my life. Even though we had some differences between us but I still love them and wont do anything to replace them.



  1. I’m so full of thanks to God! I can still remember those ‘reports’ from Russia that the youngest boy was hesitant to be adopted–seems like yesterday! Oh, taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!

  2. This essay show’s God’s positive answers to many prayers by many people.

    \o/ Praise the Lord \o/

  3. beauty from ashes. thank you for sharing this.

  4. Hey mom, I read what Zhenya wrote and it was so good. I like it a lot. I’m soooo thankfull that the Lord is changing his life a lot.

  5. That was really cool! I love hearing all the stories of your kids, God has done such great things through you and Mr. Edwards! I am so blessed to know your family and they have been a blessing to me. I know your kids (at least those that I know personally) are all so grateful for you and thankful for all that you do. God bless you guys!

  6. Tell your son that he is precious. Oh this has touched my heart. What a blessing you have!

  7. How wonderful that he is allowing the Lord to heal his heart.

  8. That was a wonderful essay. I can understand why you had tears in your eyes over it! I had tears in my eyes and it really spoke to my heart. God has blessed you beyond measure in allowing him to realize what it is he has now as compared to the beginning. What grace! Thanks for sharing the essay with us!

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