Posted by: ramonamom | October 5, 2008

Dissolution Adoption Posts – Upcoming

To preface an upcoming article titled, “Adoption Disruption Through the Lens of Scripture” I am going to tell the stories of the adoptions of our three daughters who came to us through dissolved adoptions.  As has been previously mentioned, this is typically called adoption disruption.  That term is technically incorrect, as the definition of a disrupted adoption is one that has been stopped before being finalized.  Since most international adoptions are finalized in the country of origin, this term would usually be specific to domestic adoption.  The term used when an adopted child is adopted by another family after the first adoption was finalized is dissolution.  Since the purpose of communication is exchanging information and most folks do refer to dissolved adoptions as disrupted adoptions the words will be used interchangeably in the upcoming posts. 

Our thoughts on adoption disruptions have changed dramatically over the years.  Before we adopted our first daughter from a disruption, we had no idea that anything like that ever happened.  In the ensuing years, we adopted two more daughters from somewhat similar situations and we have counseled many, many families who were struggling with their older adopted child(ren) and were on the brink of disruption. 

More recently, we have sought to think through the process of disruption from a biblical perspective.  Conclusions are in the process of being arrived at, but they are not the same thoughts which we had in 2003, during our first adoption from a disruption.  It is likely that our current beliefs would not have changed the course of any of our adoptions, but they could well have changed the way we counseled other families.  In order to avoid enabling others to “stumble” in this area, I will share these three stories, along with our thoughts and reasons behind them.



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