Posted by: ramonamom | September 29, 2008

Biblical Words for Sin

Jay Adams, in his book, A Theology of Christian Counseling, lists 17 distinct terms that the Scriptures use for sin.  This is a perspective I have not see on this topic before, and I think it is helpful to see the wide variety of areas that God’s Word considers sinful.  Here are the words and their literal translations:

Old Testament Words –

Avah – bent (similar to the English word, wrong, ie, wrung out of shape)

Ra – breaking up, ruin (picture of destruction)

Pasha – rebellion against a rightful authority

Rasha – hubbub, confusion, tossing

Maal – a breach of trust, unfaithfulness, treachery

Aven – nothing, vanity, unprofitable behavior

Asham – guilt, through negligence or ignorance

Chatha – to wander from, fall short of, miss the mark

Amal – labor, sorrow

Aval – unjust, unfair

New Testament Words –

Hamartia – missing the mark

Parabasis – crossing the boundary line

Anomia – lawlessness

Parakoe – disobedience to a call

Paraptoma – falling, when one should stand upright

Agnoema – ignorance of what one ought to know

Hettema – defect or shortcoming

Parents, consider the beam in your own eye before you approach your child regarding the speck in theirs.


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