Posted by: ramonamom | August 3, 2008

God’s Mercy and Justice

We occasionally tell a story from a few years ago, regarding our then-five-year-old son and a new swing set that he and his sister were playing on, Christmas afternoon.  They didn’t always agree on things and there was a point at which he got upset because she would not give him something or do something he wanted (the specifics blur after a few years, although I am sure HE could tell you exactly what provoked him).  In his frustration, he tried to throw a trapeze bar at her.  You know – the kind of bar that the kids hang upside down on with their knees holding them on the bar? 

When is the last time you studied the action of a pendulum?  Well, this trapeze bar was nothing less than a pendulum – and one that was thrown in a fit of five year old anger.  Unfortunately, the five year old had NOT studied the action of a pendulum, though…  Before he knew what had hit him, the bar came back and struck him exactly between the eyes.  There was much blood, screaming, and crying, but not a large cut once the goo was cleaned away.  He did rate a few hours in the ER on Christmas afternoon and a couple of stitches, but more importantly than that, we hoped he took a good lesson away from that experience.  To this day, we remind him, “God was merciful to you, because if that trapeze bar had been a fraction of an inch to one side, you would have lost an eye.  But, God was just, as you got just what you deserved!”  (Actually, now that we have learned more about theology issues I would not agree with myself on that statement, as we actually deserve death for every little sin, but we have made a point over the years in the retelling of the story.)

Now, we have a new story to tell.  One of our older sons (Russian born) was recently in a car accident.  By God’s grace and mercy, no one was injured.  For this, we are ever thankful.  However, this son had not renewed his car insurance and he will be held responsible for rear ending one car and bumping into another one.  The costs are already starting to pile up – over $200 for a ticket in traffic court, no car to drive (his was totalled), facing the financial responsibility of repairs to the other cars…  Once again, God has given us a real life example of His mercy and justice.  We are thankful that our son has shown great maturity and responsibility in this matter, even to the point of moving back home and accepting rides from Mom and Dad.  Talk about humility (he is 19)… 

In an odd way, this has been an opportunity for witnessing to others, also.  I had to explain myself the other day when I told our insurance agent’s secretary how excited we were to be seeing him learn lessons from this experience.  I told her how thankful we were that no one was injured and that “it is just money” that he will be losing, hopefully as he learns a tremendous lesson along the way.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.  Isaiah 55:8



  1. She wouldn’t give me her scarf!! Obviously her fault! 😀

    ~Guy who now knows how a pendulum works.~

  2. Wow! Praise the Lord, nothing major happened to Trey! Also, it’s good to hear how the Lord is working in the life of the other son who was in the accident. The Lord is gracious and we are so undeserving of that grace and beyond our understanding!

  3. Haha. I can’t help but laughing hearing about this screw up of Trey’s. But it is a good thing that God kept him safe. Without him I might not have a blog. haha. Trey has been a real blessing to me. I am so thankful to have him and Shawn, and the people Trey has introduced me to, as friends.
    In Christ,

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