Posted by: ramonamom | July 28, 2008

Our God of Second Chances

Our God is One who has given second chances to His people throughout history.  From the sinful Israelites, who He led out of Egypt and through the desert, later to be rejected by them, to the Prodigal Son who Jesus spoke of in the New Testament. we see God’s grace reflected in the ways in which He grants people mercy, over and over again.  Rather than doling out what they deserve for every sin – death – He chooses to give sinners more chances to repent and believe in the healing blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

As parents, we continue to be thankful for God’s second chances.  One of our sons moved out to live “on his own” a few months back, despite our insistence that he was not ready for that responsibility.  He left on good terms, but with little forethought put into his actions.  Now, after having made some pretty big mistakes, he has humbled himself and asked to move back in under our roof and authority.  We are so thankful that God spared his life during this time and that we are being given another chance to share the Gospel and wisdom from God’s word with him. 

This son was adopted from Russia at the age of 12, along with a biological brother and sister, ages 13 and 14.  God brought him into our hearts and home for such a few short years, yet we are thankful for every day we have had with him and pray continually that he will soon come to know our Jesus as his Lord and Savior, too.



  1. Rejoicing with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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