Posted by: ramonamom | July 21, 2008

Back From Vacation

Bob and I enjoyed a recent family vacation, as we took eight of our kids for a 700 mile drive to visit family and friends.  The above photo is of us and John and Connie, the other authors on this blog.  The photo below is of the four of us with our good friends, Dennis and Naomi Gundersen (Grace and Truth Books). 

We had a wonderful time this past week, visiting with friends, reintroducing our kids to old friends, introducing some of them to family for the first time, and “bonding” as we drove cross country in the July heat.  Honestly, it WAS fun (all except the heat).  🙂  It is good to be home, though, and we will take this next week to rest up before starting our new school year the following Monday, July 28.  (Below photo illustrates the need for rest..)



  1. Glad the rest of your trip went well, and you are now safely home!

    BTW, thanks SO much for not posting the ‘funny/silly’ picture(s) that our gracious photographer(s) insisted upon!!! 🙂

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