Posted by: fatherof11 | June 6, 2008

Pictures from Adoptions, Part Three

One of the interesting aspects of adopting a child is the insights it give us of sovereign election.

First, when adopting a child, it is always the parent’s choice. A child does not choose the parent, but the parent chooses the child. Often there are many to choose from that meet the general criteria the parents have chosen (age, gender, race, even skin or eye color in some cases). Yet in the end, it is only for reasons that are understood by the parents that they choose one over the other. One is chosen the other is left behind, and someone looking from the outside can see no reason why. Likewise we cannot understand why God chooses some that we would not have chosen for salvation while leaving others unsaved we would have chosen.

Second, when we went into the orphanage we saw many children waiting to be adopted. We loved them all and would have taken anyone to be our child. In the end however we chose some and left others behind. This did not mean we did not love the ones who stayed. It only meant that, for our purposes, only some could be chosen. Likewise, though God loves the entire world, it does mean that He loves everyone in it the same nor are His purposes for them the same.

Third, once we had chosen children we adopted them and placed them in our family. Though we loved the others, we chose to poor out our love on these in a special way. They became objects of our special care and affection. Not just a general love and compassion for them, but a special familial love poured out on them. Likewise, God shows His love for His chosen people in ways that He does not for those who do not believe.



  1. That was very good and very much appreciated! Thanks!

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