Posted by: ramonamom | May 14, 2008

Our Amazing Brains

Following up our recent posts on the mind/body connections is a fascinating video, along with some quotes from a good friend of ours, Dennis Gundersen (be sure to watch the video first!):

God reveals Himself to us through “special revelation” (that is, His written Word) and through “natural revelation” (that is, the creation).  This is taught in Scripture itself – that God has “built into” the creation much that reveals Him, so that we can gain some knowledge of God just by observing the creation. So, since WE – mankind – are part of the creation, I am wondering: the fact that this “savant” man can do this – what does this tell us about the human mind, to the glory of God?  After all, we are the image of God.

For one, it seems to suggest to me that we may have little idea what the capacity of the human mind is.  How much damage has been done to humanity and our minds, by the fall?  What were Adam and Eve capable of doing, before sin, with an untainted brain?  I am not at all suggesting that the man in the video is without sin – but are these incredible capacities he has a little glimpse “peeking through” of the extent of skills which our minds have? 

 And then some questions to challenge us and make us think:

What is it that our God wants us to learn, that glorifies Him, through this?  For instance, I have heard of individuals who can:

* Watch a short video about an animal and then sculpt, in wax, a perfect replica of the animal. The same person cannot tie his shoes or feed himself.

* Walk for miles in deep forests without trails and not get lost.  But the same person is majorly aggravated if his own room is in disorder.

* Memorize complete books verbatim.  Books over 300 pages: word for word.

I also personally know a boy who goes to a church of about 300 people. After church, he sits on the church porch and “checks out” each car, calling off the license plate as that car leaves.  He can tell you church attendance for the past 5 years from a precise memory of each license plate.

What does this tell us?  Is there a point about the image of God in this, or what man is capable of?

This video and the questions are particularly meaningful to me right now, as I pray for a family who is struggling with their adopted child.  They had wanted a “normal” child from the Eastern European orphanage seven years ago, but ended up with many brain disorder challenges instead.  This child has seemingly ruined their family life and they are seeking another home for him.  As I listened to his mother tell me about his severe behavioral problems, I could not help but wonder what his strengths were and how he might respond to a loving touch…



  1. I pray the Lord will either find him a good home or help the parents to see that they began this so they need to trust Him to help them through!

  2. Watching the video and reading your article I am amazed, this truly shows not only how gifted and special we each are, but also how perfect and glorious God is, the one who made humans capable of this and possibly so much more.


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