Posted by: ramonamom | May 13, 2008

Adoption Disruption/Dissolution

Some of you may have never heard of an adoption disruption.  Others may be challenged by your child to the point of understanding why parents would consider “divorcing” their own adopted child, or you may have even considered it yourself. 

There is some confusion regarding terms, which I would like to clarify.  The actual definitions are as follows, according to this website:

Adoption disruption-
The interruption of an adoption prior to finalization–sometimes called a “failed adoption” or a “failed placement”.

Adoption dissolution –
The interruption or “failure” of an adoption after finalization that requires court action.

 So, according to these definitions, we commonly misuse the term “adoption disruption”.  However, in the international adoption arena, it has come to mean virtually the same thing as “dissolution”, since international adoptions do not usually include of a time of “placement” during which the parents decide whether or not they want to adopt a child.  Some countries do have similar requirements, yet the term disruption is still not ordinarily used for a situation when parents do not decide to adopt a child internationally.  These definitions are used mainly with domestic adoptions and have only come to be used in regards to international adoptions within the last few years.  Sadly, it has only been during that same time frame that the need for such a term came to be, due to an increase in the number of international adoptions but a lack of parental preparations for the unique challenges that older children bring into their new home.  Thankfully, some adoption agencies are now beginning to see this dire need and thus prepare their prospective parents more thoroughly. 



  1. I think it’s about time the agencies started doing that!

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