Posted by: ramonamom | April 13, 2008

Ramona’s Introduction

God has blessed my husband and me with eleven children in the nearly 30 years which we have been married.  Our first biological child was born after almost 13 years of marriage, followed by her brothers, two and then three years later.  All three pregnancies were very high risk and life threatening for myself and the babies, ultimately resulting in the inability to conceive after the third birth. 


When our youngest biological child was three years old, we adopted a brother and sister from Russia, ages 8 and 9 at the time of adoption.  Two years later, we adopted another sibling group from Russia, ages 12, 13 and 14, bringing the number of children in our home to eight. 


We firmly believed that our quiver was full at that point, but have since learned it is best to leave that determination up to God.  Our first domestic adoption from a disrupted international adoption came two years later (age 12), with the second following after only two months (age 11).  About a year after that, a third daughter was adopted domestically from a disrupted adoption (age 14).  This brought us to our current number of eleven blessings, all of whom can be seen on my personal blog. 

Along with those blessings, God provided many opportunities for us to grow and learn as parents.  The challenges were many, varied, and often came in quick succession.  As the years passed and we gained more and more experience, we began to be called upon to counsel parents of older adopted children who were facing similar struggles.  The lack of biblical resources targeting the specific challenges faced by parents of older adopted children quickly became apparent to us and we prayed for the wisdom to help these parents, one by one. 


As the number of parents seeking counsel has grown, so has our desire to provide godly counsel on a wider scale. It is our hope and prayer that this blog will provide a means for that end. 



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