Posted by: ramonamom | April 11, 2008

Welcome to Adoption 3:16!

Whether this is your first time to visit our site, or if you were redirected here by my husband’s old blog, I would like to welcome you to Adoption 3:16.  My husband and I will be joined by other Christian adoptive families in this endeavor, as we seek to answer questions in regards to adopting older children.  Since the experience of all our authors lies in the area of international adoption, we will concentrate on that area, although much of our advice will indeed cross over into domestic adoption of older children, also. 

We will introduce ourselves and then begin to answer some very general questions.  From there, we will proceed to more specific questions, using the Word of God as our guide when we address each issue.  Although God’s Word is Truth, we are not infallible.  I promise that we will make mistakes along the way.  Many will disagree with our advice, our theology, our basic beliefs.  It is our prayer that, through this blog, some parents may become better equipped with biblical principles as they seek to adopt older children and those struggling with adopted children already at home may find biblically sound answers to the daily challenges they face. 

Although our new blog begins here, we have included the archives from an old one which served a similar purpose.  The posts below were written by my husband and I.  His posts are mostly on issues related to adoption and mine are family related posts, which will hopefuly give you a bit of a glimpse into our family life. 

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing to God, our Rock and our Salvation. 



  1. Great! I am looking forward to finding out all I can! I think this will be helpful for me but I’ll bet it will be helpful for others, as well. Isn’t it possible that those adopting younger children will be helped by this, as well? The thing is that children are children and no matter what age they are Biblical counsel is good and effective for any age group! I know there are many times I have to put into effect in my own life what I teach my children so it’s just as important for me as it is for my children! Anyway, thanks for all the effort you guys are putting forth!

  2. Thank you for your kind works, Violet. You are absolutely correct, in that the biblical principles spoken of here can be used with children of any age, adopted or otherwise. However, since our experience lies specifically with older adopted children, this is where we will concentrate our counseling efforts.

    In the world of adoption, the definition of “older” can actually vary, also. Many consider a child older if they are simply no longer an infant. It is common for orphans to be placed as “special needs” simply due to their age, once they reach toddlerhood and preschool age. Although none of the current authors have adopted children this young, there is a strong likelihood that these children would bring very similar issues into an adoptive home as the children we have adopted.


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