Posted by: fatherof11 | March 14, 2007

End of an Era

Yesterday I sold our big blue van. As we first thought about selling it, I felt like I would be losing a friend. I so enjoyed the days when we would all pile into that van and go somewhere together as a family. We would sometimes take day trips to a zoo or go to the nature trail on Green Mountain. Having everyone together like that, safe and secure, was so sweet to me. I knew the day would soon come when they all started going their own ways.

Well, those days are here. It is rare that we all go one place together anymore. No one has recently asked us if we are a school group on a field trip. I have to admit that I enjoyed being able to respond to some of the questions we got when we were out together, too. It was like a game to us, coming up with fun replies to those questions.

The blue van now belongs to a small church just down the road. We can see it every time we drive by. Our lives are changing and I must accept that. I love seeing the young adults that our children are growing into and I will treasure the memories of the fun times we had in that van.

I do have to admit that I am enjoying being able to pull into a regular sized parking space these days, though, in our mini van. I don’t even have to worry about pulling out from the front so that I won’t run over someone! There ARE advantages to driving smaller vehicles, too. 😉



  1. I miss da’ big blue van!!!! WAAAAA!!! Sorry.

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