Posted by: fatherof11 | December 7, 2006

Three Whole Different Lives

I suppose not many folks are still checking in here, since it has been so long since we have posted! Sorry about that – life just keeps happening. 😉 I did want to post this short essay that Anna wrote for school, though. She has changed so much in the past three years – all for the better. Her middle name rings true these days – Joy! Here is what she wrote:

I had three whole different lives. My first was eight years of orphanage life. My second was three years of misery. And my third is a forever life.

While living in the orphanage my mind was lost. I didn’t know anything except anger, attitudes, selfishness and that I was in an orphanage. Actually, it felt more like jail.

My second life was in a family that had good and bad people. I got along with three and got in fights with the other three. I was stuck in the middle. I, of course, constantly got in trouble. I knew more things and I started knowing God, but not enough.

And, my third life is a forever life. There’s no more anger, I suppose. Honestly, I feel more freedom and relaxation in my third life. I am also meeting a bunch of kids. Of course I still get in fights and all. And I also know much more about God. This God gave me three whole different lives. He gave me those lives for a purpose. I was in an orphanage, then He gave me a family that didn’t work, so He gave me a different family so that I can hear more about Him. How great! It’s a puzzle.

Anna is 14 years old and has been our daughter for three years. We have seen her mature a great deal and she has recently come to know the Lord as her Savior! She is currently writing her testimony to share with our church when she is baptized.

She asked me if the word “forever”was the correct word to use in regards to being in our family and I assured her that she would indeed forever be a part of our family while we are on this earth, even after she becomes an adult and leaves home.

Her hunger for things of the Lord is so refreshing and exciting. She strives to truly understand what she reads in her Bible each day and how she can apply it in her own life.



  1. I just happened to look on here to day. It has been a few days since I looked. Thanks for putting her story on here. She is so sweet and such a JOY to have around. I love her questions and the earnest way she wants to know what things mean. Itis a delight to see how she is growing in th LORD.

  2. What a wonderful story and what a fantastic life Anna is now leading. Many blessings from someone who’s been following your journey since you were 7 or 8 in Kazakhstan!

    Kira’s (Flora’s) Mom

  3. Ahhh, to see and UNDERSTAND God’s sovereignty at such a young age!

    What God has accomplished through you and your family is a testimony to so many others!

    Thanks for sharing this, would love to read her testimony when she’s ready.

  4. thank You Lord!

  5. This is indeed a blessing of God and it so so like HIM to put us through things to teach us to be more like Him! What a blessing that Anna continues to change!


  6. It truly is amazing to see the changes she is going through, especially as her brother.

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