Posted by: fatherof11 | March 8, 2006

Thinking more about diversity

One of the joys of my life is that God has given me a family that I can see what He is doing in “every tribe and nation.” My wife, I and the bios are European mutts (Scottish, English, Welsh, German, etc), while we have Rus, Gyspsy, Kazakh, Chinese, and the Qa Dong people of Vietnam. Not quite every tribe and nation, but we have a good start.

Thinking of how each of these others was brought out of their native land at a price. Taken from the cast offs of society, naked poor and wreteched. They have now been given a home with their true father. They get to live with Him and share in all that He has. We are an example of what God has done in the life of a believer.

Kind of neat how each believer gets their own way of magnifying God through the example of their lives.


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