Posted by: fatherof11 | February 6, 2006

We are NOT Super Christians

As I was listening to our Sunday School teacher talk this morning about how we as Christians should be involved in one another’s lives, it reminded me of a conversation sheshe had with a woman whose family is much like ours, only bigger. She had been praying for God to send her a friend. Most of the people she knew simply did not know how to relate to her, because of her large family built through adoption.

This is all to common with families like ours. We seem to engender a kind of awe in people. You know that kind of awe that is reserved for Super Christians (SC’s). Usually we are assigned a spot somewhere between choir director and pastor, but a few people have even placed us in those rarefied heights reserved for missionaries to cannibals living in the jungle. Unfortunatly, that usually means they will only talk to us in those tones reserved for heads of state and all star atheletes. Ok, so maybe I exaggrate a little.

The point though is that this often leaves us isolated. Too often we will ask someone a question, and they will look at us like “Why are you asking me? You are the expert.” They feel that they have nothing to offer those such as us, or that we must be really busy and have no time for someone as simple as them.

None of this is true. We are people, just like everyone else. We are not SC’s. The problem, I think, is that they fail to see God’s picture of the church as a body. They may be a finger or a toe and think, “Oh there are plenty like me, I am not needed.” Then the look at someome like us who there aren’t many of and think we are some higher level of being, some SC. But just because the bladder is unique, doesn’t mean that it is any grander or necessary than the hands and feet.

Ok, enough with the metaphors, what is my point?

My point is that we need people, normal people, to come along side us. Sure you may not be able to help us with the unqiue issues of parenting an older adopted child. But if you have parented any child, you may have insight to give. If you are a student of God’s word, you have wisdom to share. You can still hold us accountable. You can still be our friends. You can treat us like normal people so that we don’t develop spiritual pride by believing we are the SC’s people treat us like.

In fact, folks like us often need folks like you to reach out to us. We can get so wrapped up in the battles of the day, with ministering to our children, with appearing to be a SC, that we don’t recognize when we need to make connections to others. You don’t have to invite us over, we know how hard that can be. But you can send us an email, or invite us to go to lunch, or give us a call, if nothing else, we will appreciate the fact that someone cares.

So let me suggest to all you normal people out there. Find someone that you put on a pedestal, like us or a pastor or whoever, and reach out to them. You may just find that they would enjoy having friends that they can feel normal with.


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