Posted by: fatherof11 | February 4, 2006

Chinese New Year

It was actually a few days ago. But we celebrated to day with the traditional dumplings (fried won ton) and hot and sour soup. Our three Asian girls spent most of the afternoon making the dumplings. Oh, and of course, the traditional cole slaw. Oh wait, maybe Grandma made that.

Anyway one of the great joys of adopting teenage girls is that they already know how to cook. That is one of the ways we get to share in their culture, by having them cook some of their native dishes. Yum.



  1. The 3 girls spent about 5 hours chopping the cucumbers, onions, pork, ginger, garlic and whatever else they had in it then wrapped the finely chopped ingredients into the wrappers and folding them in the way that they do and then deep fried them. I made the Hot and Sour soup and the slaw which I don’t think is probably traditionally Chinese. I can’t be sure. Kathryn and I keep coming up with home remedies that my Irish grandmother told me and that are used in China. Sometimes I hear the faint strains of “It’s a Small, Small World” wispering in my ear.

  2. What a sweet g’ma!

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