Posted by: fatherof11 | January 19, 2006

Dad Answers Part 2

Paul Lamey asks:

How do you balance husband/wife time with individual time for each child? And on a more serious note: how many gallons of milk do you go through in a week?

Well, to answer the easier one first, we usually go through about 10 gallons of milk per week.

I am not sure if I can answer the other one. I would like to say that I had some great seven step plan that if followed, you would always give each child exactly the right amount of time. Unfortunately, life and kids are not that simple. Depending on the child, their age, their background, and what is going on at the moment each seems to need a different amount of one on one time and it changes from week to week.

I think the key to it is that we are constantly communicating with our kids. We actually talk to them, and they talk to us. Because of that, we know when one needs some individual time. One of the things I have learned is that each child does not necessarily need individual time as much as that just need time communicating with their parents. They do need time for some one on one, but much of what they need can be done in pairs or small groups.

As for husband/wife time, we do set time aside each day to talk.

I guess it comes down to the fact that we communicate as we “walk along the way.” Communication is part of our lifestyle more than something we plan.

I hope that makes some sense.



  1. Do you ever get to go on a “date”…out to eat, for a walk at the mall, to a movie, with just you and Romona—no kids??

    What are the biggest obstacles to overcome from going from just husband and wife to 11 kids?

    How many of the 11 children are “walking with the Lord”?

    This may be too personal of a question:

    Dad and Romona, you seem so Christ-like and loving to have done what you have done/doing (adopting)—What sin issues (if any) do you struggle with yourselves?

    Touchy question:

    Do you, believe Christians should have a heart that should want to adopt? Do practicing Christians who live in nice homes and have the “American dream” (materialy)—should they, in your opinion, be adopting needy children in order to truly be Christ-like? Are you upset/disturbed with fellow Christians (who seem to have everything) that have not been willing to adpot?


  2. Bob, I like your answers. I would love to be a fly on the wall and observe your family for a week. With our 3rd and 4th on the way, I have a lot to learn.

  3. Jonathan,

    Come to dinner. We do things buffet style, so it is not usually a big deal to add a few more. Besides my girls lovvvvve little ones to play with.

  4. And we have wall hooks so ,although you are bigger than a fly, you can hang on the wall and observe as well as break bread with us.

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